Tuesday, May 24, 2022

DCC & FAGE hit boxes

Typing out loud about trying to make combat even faster in DCC. Lessee... 

Let's count damage as hits by counting it in chunks of five. So 1~5dmg= 1 hit, 6~10= 2 hits, &c. 

Group monsters take one or two hits. Like if there are a few bandits, give them two hits, but if there are ten, give them only one. 

Solo monsters can take HP/10 hits if they have listed HP, or 1 to 3 hits per HD. Give high AC monsters fewer hits, and low AC ones up to three. 

Let's pull a couple monsters out of the book and consider them as solos: 
  • An Elder Brain has 10HD and AC 16. The AC is slightly high, so two hits per HD=20 hits. 
  • A Giant Centipede has 3HD and AC 14. Also, it has a cool poison type, so you want to see it bite at least one PC. Three hits per HD= 9 hits.
Lately I'm running FAGE. Would this work for that? I think so. Lots of Fantasy age monsters take one or two points of damage from a weak hit though, due to the nature of soak armor in that game. Now that I think about it, all HP is divisible by 5 in that game, so each monster can take HP/5 hits. Easy, but better for solos and the like as your standard goblin will take 3 hits, so for true goblin cannon fodder flavor, use the group monsters idea outlined above.
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