Friday, May 6, 2022

WIS+15= Starting Age

It can be useful to know a PC's age in elf games. Why, just a couple weeks back a character drank some wine in Shmégel Manor and aged 30 years. Then they shrugged and drank until they turned to dust.

For humans, WIS+15= age at character gen. I'd add an extra year per level for creating at a non-first level murderhobo.

For dwarves, I'd multiply WIS by a d7, because dwarves in my campaigns are born as adults and live until they calcify at some point around age 1d120+100.

For elves, well, I have elves be immortal in both directions (each elf only recalls being around since time immemorial), but would go with WIS²+50 in other fantasy settings. 

I haven't decided about hobbits yet... I think maybe they are a one-off species that is distilled into adult life by fermenting certain tubers or mandrake roots. They start adventuring at WIS+d120 years old and live up to d120 years after that. I can't imagine a hobbit having sentient babies with their tiny hips, unless may be they are a race that gives birth to and starts as ferrets or something.

Lizard men hatch and then mature within a year. Their adventuring age is WIS-2.
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Spwack said...

I don't think I've seen a blogpost in a while where the title is the absolute crux of the idea, presents it perfectly, is completely understandable, and immediately makes me think of more ideas. Well played!

Forrest Aguirre said...

This is good. But the wiser you are, the more likely a Ghost attack (at least in AD&D) is going to negatively affect you.