Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chelonians Have a Grinding Stop Envisioned for the Multiverse

Okay, first off, I loved the idea of really odd Slaad. But one problem I had is I feel a proper slaad should be batrachian, by which I mean frog-humanoid. I like color-coded monsters. They help with the shared-language of the hobby.

Anyways, I was inspired by a entry of the the day to make Chelonians. Chelonians are turtle-humanoids, and much as slaads are the champions of chaos, chelonians, called chael colloquially, are living perversions of stasis ideals. The chael are the dark side of law in the cosmic conflict and they want to stop everything before it gets any more entropic. There are a few varieties of chael that may be encountered.

Green Chaels are obsessed with recording information. More pragmatic than other chaels, greens accept the eventual entropic dissolution of the universe into various forms of background radiation, but seek to preserve lists, tomes, librams, formulae, and other data. This often puts them into conflict with adventurers that are searching for something the greens have their eyes on.  Green chaels use psychic attacks which overload victim's brains with too much information. If you have ever communed with an extra-planar entity, chances are it was a green chael that was secretly taking information from you too.

Pale Chales prefer to bring stasis by their supernatural cold powers. The most powerful freeze hamlets and call up glaciers. Just like a mix between Subzero and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (why hasn't that game been made yet?!), they will freeze you in place, duck their parts into their shell, and slam into you like a mini gamera, blasting your frozen chunks about. Don't mess with a pale chael. Pales spend time putting out fires, volcanoes, and snuffing warm-blooded creatures' lives.

Blue Chaels are the masters of time. Time Stop spells and instant aging are among their weapons. They lay their time eggs throughout the multiverse. If enough happen to align, making a ley-line network, interesting effects that can be utilized by chronomancers and gate-makers happen, but more eggs in an area bring a risk of local time stoppages or rip-van-winklisms. Scholars rightly suspect that enough eggs will spell the end of the multiverse via eternal pause.

Red Chaels try to take the war to chaos's doorstep. Militaristic and never forgetting grudges, reds are sought for their skills as mercenaries and generals. They will fight for any side that seems to be on the side of law or the original, primal order of the universe (though primordials are chaotic, they do have claim to the first groupings of law or at least the original order) . Reds use stunning attacks that petrify their enemies, turning them into atomically inert substances that are very hard to reanimate.

Can you think of a variety of Chelonian? Jenna made a chael personality reminiscent of the turtles all the way down meme:
Viticus Chelonian, Excrucian Deceiver

"If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

This tortoise-armored Deceiver may stack himself arbitrarily high, achieving an effortless physical, social, or even intellectual superiority over his opponents. We advise maintaining a prickly disposition and ideally physical contour in his company lest he integrate you yourself into Viticus Chelonian's invincible throne.

Key Stats:
Persona (The Invincible Throne of Viticus Chelonian Invictus) 3
No idea what game persona is for, but thanks!

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Konsumterra said...

I Imagine them as stoic, quiet, plodding types - very fatalistic and a bit mysterious - while my slaadi are bickering breed who chatter

Grey or Death type Chaels
Stasis through ending biological processes - life increases chaos above the background cosmic noise. Darkness flows from their shells choking and draining light and life.

Gold or Luminous type
Illuminated seers of chael who deny free will and dance through eternity - the universe is already in stasis and they see time and additional dimensions we cannot percieve. They prey on sentients who impose control over chaos while they prefer it remain non self aware. They warn of khaos; a heresy of a lawful will directing chaos and cross tainting both. They reform one dimension at a time if killed but bear no grudges for being killed. The always critical every hit.